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Michael Emery and Irmi Tueskoes

Michael Emery and Irmi Tueskoes arrived in the US as Hungarian refugees in 1957. They landed in Miami Florida where freedom and sunshine made life beautiful, after escaping from communism even though they could not speak English and had no money.

It took only a few months for them to see the unlimited opportunities of this wonderful country. They started a small business doing reupholstering and drapery sewing with 3 leased sewing machines in their living room. Business took off; they moved their operation to a professional building on the Miami Avenue. Emery did the installations; Irmi with 2 helpers did the fabrication. Just in two years, Irmi took over the management of the company and Emery went 300 miles away to Gainesville, FL to study mechanical engineering.

While he was a student, he had seen how difficult and time consuming was to “table” draperies. He designed the first piece of equipment for their workroom, the Vertical Tabler. After 40 years, several changes and improvements later, this machine is still one of the best time and space saver for both custom or commercial workroom.

After graduation, Emery took a job in Louisville, Kentucky at GE as an Advance Engineer. They moved their workroom to Louisville where they served the best decorators. On the side, Emery designed the first semi automatic pleat-marking machine in the industry. Upon receiving the patent on the Vertical Tabler, he quit GE and devoted full time to manufacture equipment for the drapery Industry.

Irmi was running the enlarged workroom with over 20 employees. In 1972, Emery’s interest was caught up in another adventure and they moved to Austria. They sold both businesses, one became Morgan Manufacturing the other is Spindletop Draperies. In Austria, Irmi again started a drapery fabrication business and gained experience in European style. Emery worked for the United Nations as an adviser.

In 1976 they moved back to Louisville and established Creative Engineering later became Creative Tueskoes Corp. and restarted the drapery operation. Emery designed additional labor saving equipment for the soft window treatment fabricating industry. He designed a wide variety of fabric inspection cutting measuring machines and many specialized equipment. Irmi’s for decades of drapery fabrication experience was instrumental in designing the right equipment. She has held several seminars during the trade shows about workroom technology, profitable workroom, and workroom layout and equipment. Now their equipment is working in all five continents of the world.

In 2003 they have sold the equipment manufacturing business and thus can devote full time to share their many years of experience with the trade.

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