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Would you like to earn more money, satisfy your customers with better quality work produced in less time?

We can help you with our

In your fabrication process, whether you are a small workroom or large manufacturing plant.

Your questions will be professionally answered in
• Drapery fabrication
• Fancy work constructions
• Generally streamlining your operations
• Eliminating bottle necks in fabrications
• Evaluating your present set-up
• Suggesting needed improvements
Irmi Tueskoes owned and managed drapery workrooms for 40 years. She helped to set up complete workrooms for others. Trained the operators in the US and as far away as Zimbabwe, Africa, held seminars on trade shows.

She has the experience to help a small workroom owner to improve the profit margin by better utilizing the time, applying better floor layout, methods, patterns and tools. Advise to the production manager of a larger operation how to organize the operators and the workflow for higher output with less man-hours.

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