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We can provide equipment from a simple Open-End hanger through many varieties of sewing machines, to the specialized high production labor saving equipment. From the 60” wide JR cutting machine (see image to the left), to the 130” wide Multi Cutter with full automatic cutting function, or combined Slitting/Cutting machines. From the table clamp to the Vertical or Slanted table for tabling. We can also offer Single and multi needle new or used quilting machines.

We can help you to calculate the profitability of your investment into new or used equipment. With this knowledge you can better plan when and what to buy for your workroom.

In the past 25 years we have been providing a wide variety of specialized labor saving equipment for the soft window treatment fabricating industry, fabric stores or other fabric handling businesses and the garment manufacturing industries.

We have the ability to offer our unique engineering services to modify or design special equipment for your unique applications.

Vertical Tabler

Micro Tabler

Econo Measuring & Inspection

TIMM Measuring, Inspection, Re-rolling

Measuring, Inspection, Slitting, Re-Rolling

Six-Function Cutting

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