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Talking with workroom owners on seminars, or on phone consultation we came to the realization that most of them do not know:
  • How much profit they are making?
  • How productive their employees are?
  • How to calculate if one type of job pays better than another?
  • How to check if their pricing is right or not?

At our consultation we will teach you how to do all the above calculations.

  • We will show how to create a calculation “unit” to enable to compare fancy work to drapery fabrication. With the help of the “unit” numbers one can make all kind of important calculations and comparisons.

We will show the kind of simple paperwork one would need to be able to see at any given moment:

  • How many “units” of work is on hand
  • By knowing about the number of “units” the workroom can produce a day would enable the manager to plan
  • Production, and give more realistic delivery dates.

All the above information is very important for a small workroom as much as for a large one.

Your savings from following the suggested procedural and other organizational changes can cover the cost of the consultation. We not only want you to increase your sales and productivity, we want you to increase your profits!

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