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Just by reorganizing your workroom, you can improve the productivity and gain extra profit!

In the past 25-30 years we had helped to set up, modernize and reorganize numerous workrooms in the US and abroad. We have done this for small workrooms and large ones, custom and commercial one.

With our background knowledge of the soft window fabricating trade, we know how to create a flow chart and how to place the machines when the major product is drapery. We can also create a flow chart and place the machines in logical order when 75% of the work is fancy work. We can advise you what would be your best arrangement when you make your draperies buckram first or hem first.
We can create a flow chart for the type of work you do. With the help of the flow chart, we would make a floor plan to arrange the equipment for the best usage of the available space.

Many times you can gain valuable space in the shop by reorganizing. Reorganizing can also reduce or eliminate clutter.

With the smooth flow of work the extra handling can be reduced and as a consequence the ironing also reduced to a minimum and thus save valuable time.

Have you ever noticed that, when you go in someone else’s workroom you may see immediately what is not so good what could be done different for better result. The manager of that workroom should notice it too but she or he got so used to it, does not even realize there is a need . Any new visitor, specially a knowledgeable one in that area, will notice what needs to be changed. This is one good reason you need a consultant who is knowledgeable and a new comer also.

A consultant with knowledge is the smallest investment with the best return, who can guide you to improve your operation with better workroom and operation planning.
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